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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gladstone on Crack

If you're not already familiar with Cracked.com then I really recommend you check it out. It is a very, very funny place that has articles like "The Five Smallest Animals That Can Kill You Horribly," or "The Seven Stupidest Reasons People Ever Went to War." I have wasted hours bouncing from article to article, laughing uproariously and picking up extremely interesting and outre factoids.

Anyway, one of the writers there, Gladstone, has a new article up titled "Three Types of Wall Street Protesters Hurting Their Own Cause." Like me, Gladstone is obviously a supporter of the Occupy Movement and, like me, he is worried that it may be sabotaging itself.

As Gladstone explains it, he lives in NYC and has had the opportunity to go to the Occupy Wall Street movement and listen to these people: "Unfortunately, what [] I hear is a lot of people talking about 'fuckin' Corporate America, man' and that's just about it. That is not the refrain of a successful protest." Gladstone then goes on to explain that this is why Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech in which he said "I have a dream . . . " and not one in which he said "I have . . . had it up to here with these crackedy ass crackers."

I also particularly liked Gladstone's tiger-at-the-zoo-that-mauls-your-family-to-death analogy. You should definitely click on the link and check it out.

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