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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trump Debate Update

Well, The Donald officially has announced he won’t be hosting the NewsMax Republican presidential debate, so that is a shame.  But following up on my earlier post about right-wingers suggesting that Sarah Palin co-moderate with Trump, here is today’s Doonesbury.

(click to enbiggen.)

I’d love to know how much lead time Garry Trudeau has when he creates this stuff.  I mean, I wonder whether he did this strip because he had seen the ’wingers arguing Palin should be included, or because he just thought only the idea of Palin getting involved could make the situation even more absurd, and therefore had the idea himself as a great parody.  And, if the latter, I wonder what he thought when he saw the ’wingers clamoring for Palin to be involved and he knew he already had today’s strip in the pipeline.

I swear, I give the GOP six weeks -- tops -- before they've engineered it so that the rest of us can no longer distinguish parodies of their party from the real thing.

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