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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shameless Speculation Update!

Sigh.  Another beautiful theory slain by an ugly fact.  (Thomas Huxley, via Bloom County’s Oliver Wendell Jones)

As confirmed by this AP Story, it turns out that Newt Gingrich also failed to provide the necessary signatures to appear on Virginia’s Super Tuesday ballot.  (So did Rick Perry but nobody cares about Rick Perry.)  Newt failed despite a last-minute rally in Arlington at which his campaign volunteers asked everyone attending to sign petitions to get him on the ballot.

I still believe that Newt will win the nomination, assuming he has the organization to do so – but that may well be a pretty shaky assumption.  I suppose this is what one gets when one launches a book tour and profile-enhancement operation disguised as a presidential campaign, and then takes off for two weeks to cruise the Greek Isles.

Still . . . how deliciously satisfying it would be to see Newt – he of the big head and outsized ego – fail to obtain the nomination that would so clearly cement for him his own image as a visionary and GOP elder, not because he couldn’t actually win the nomination but because not even he took his chances of success seriously when he launched his bid.

Which brings to mind another comic strip quote, this time from Dilbert:

               Dilbert:            Is it wrong we can only find joy in other people’s pain?

               Wally:             There’s another source?

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