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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jesus is Everywhere!

Via Dangerous Minds (h/t mistermix at Balloon Juice) we have the latest appearance of Jesus Christ!

No longer appearing as a stain on the freeway, no longer appearing in the burnt toast of a grilled cheese sandwich, Jesus makes his latest appearance as . . . .  Well, let’s just point out that “God” spelled backwards is “Dog.”

Click below the fold to see Jesus’s latest manifestation.  (NOTE:  If you are easily offended/highly religious/do not have a sense of humor but think that you might enjoy taking a look only so that you can write me a nasty e-mail later complaining about this post . . . then for your sake and mine please do not click over and look at this photo.)

Everybody else – you’re left to your own devices.

Jesus Lives!

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